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With decades of collective experience, Aussie Power Technologies helps companies and Governments around the world to generate renewable, uninterrupted, utility scale electricity - even at night. We do this with zero emissions, unmatched efficiency, and affordable cutting edge technology.

Using cutting edge Photovoltaic (PV) solutions combined with next generation fluid battery storage technology, we deliver the most advanced and cost competitive system available worldwide.

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Affordable, easy to install, compact with an 8 year lifespan - Aussie Power Tech's Lithium Ion Batteries are the perfect way to store excess power in homes.

Solar Energy Production

Fluid Bromide Batteries

Robust batteries designed for high power production even in the most extreme environments.

Commercial Storage

Domestic Storage

High Efficiency Photovoltaic

Ultra efficient photovoltaic technology captures 40% of solar energy due to superior wavelength absorption spectrum.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Aussie Power Technologies manufactures and installs the most effective fluid bromide battery systems in the world. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and automated robotic assembly ensures that we deliver a cost competitive product of the highest quality.

Manufactured In State Of The Art Facilities. Assembled On Site.

Fully Scalable: from a single 260W module to a 100MW, depending on your requirements.

Can be used both alone or in multiples. Batteries are smaller and more flexible than other liquid batteries.

Designed and customised to suit your requirements - whether they are residential, commercial, industrial or utility.

Our systems can be integrated with full customisation due to our modular containerised assembly up to and exceeding 100MWh.

Well suited to both on and off grid environments.

Featuring a plug-and-play storage system and the ability to self-manage, protect and monitor 24/7, our range of zinc-bromide flow batteries can shift energy in large volumes.

Delivering Electricity Day & Night: Unmatched Efficiency In Energy Storage Technology With Advanced Fluid Bromide Batteries

How They Work

Zinc bromide sections charge & discharge indefinitely for the full lifetime without loss of capacity.

Store & shift renewable energy, manage peak grid load and support off-grid power systems and telecommunications with our powerful range of flow battery energy storage solutions, customised to fit your requirements.

 Unlike other batteries ours have no explosion risk- making them incredibly safe to use. They contain a natural flame retardant and do not discharge dangerous fumes.

The batteries are designed to support applications ranging from telecommunications and renewables integration, to on-and-off grid remote power, microgrids and smart grids, and transmission and distribution deferral.

Integrated Modular System

Works within a wide range of temperatures. Performance does not deteriorate. No active cooling required.

With an increasingly high power storage, designed for the most extreme environments.

The capabilities of Aussie Power Technology's new battery technology enables us to work with telecommunication companies and tower providers to easily resolve energy supply problems.

With a perfectly matched voltage range, reduced chance of theft (compared to lithium and lead acid batteries), and no requirement for active cooling, our flow batteries provide energy storage designed for the tough environments where many base transceiver sites (BTS sites) are located.

Recent development of Aussie Power Technology's Zinc-bromide battery now means that telecommunication providers are able to support the increase in power demand 24/7 across the globe.

Regardless of the location, these robust batteries can serve telecommunication companies and their thousands of customers who are currently experiencing regular power outages from the grid, particularly during peak usage times.

New Zinc Bromide Power Storage Technology


Eliminate Telecommunications Outages

  • Can tolerate extreme heat conditions
  • Designed for anti-theft
  • Reduced maintenance and fuel costs
  • Discharge up to 100%
  • Payback period for the storage system is 2-3 years maximum
  • Designed to meet the exponentially increasing demand being placed on mobile networks across the globe

By utilising energy storage technology, telecommunications providers can more effectively meet increasing demand from mobile devices whilst also overcoming energy supply issues caused by unstable grids, blackouts and intermittent renewable energy.

Battery Technology That Strengthens Telecommunication Networks - Aussie Power Technology Helps Prevent Outages With A Reliable Backup Solution

Constant Power Output for Telecommunications

Global Reach - A Renewable Energy Partner With The Experience To Deliver

Our team has experience managing projects in Australia, India and the Asia Pacific region. Through our partners we are able to develop solutions in any country in the world, meaning truly global capabilities.

Conventional PV is limited to 25% efficiency. Our newly developed Aussie Power Technologies PV cells currently convert 40% of energy into power.

For the highest effectiveness, we can install Photovolatic systems on both land and water, including lakes and lagoons. This means maximum efficiency when it comes to the use of available land.

We've developed new PV technology that absorbs a far greater wavelength spectrum of solar energy than conventional silicon systems - significantly more per square metre than standard silicon systems.

Our Technology Means High Energy Output And Big Cost Savings

Our technology is field proven, certified and tested to the most rigorous standards and comes with a full extended warranty - all while keeping production costs lower than alternatives.

Tested And Proven Technology

Enjoy Photovoltaic Solar Panel Arrays That Provide Up To 40% Higher Daily Output & Produce Electricity Both Day & Night

Aussie Power Technologies understands the importance of performance and reliability for large scale, utility and commercial power projects. Every percentage of efficiency gained results in better return on investment and decreased risk for the client. 

By capturing a greater range of wavelengths, our photovoltaic solar panels produce a vastly superior energy output compared to conventional systems. Plus, electricity is stored and is available day and night for as long as is required without sunlight using our advanced energy storage technology, meaning all the electricity you need when you need it.

High Efficiency

Fixed Tilt Technology

Reliable, Cost Effective - And Customised To Your Needs

Greater Wavelength Absorption

Fixed tilt photovoltaic arrays are a reliable and cost effective solution for power generation requirements at any scale. Aussie Power Technologies has the capability to install fixed panel systems quickly, economically and customised to the client’s needs. 

Fixed PV offers a flexible solution that can be configured for a variety of applications such as: field arrays, floating pontoon, commercial rooftops, and public spaces.

Specialised Installation Applications

Low Cost, Utility Scale Electricity Day And Night

The cities of the future will be powered by renewable energy, supplemented by local power storage solutions.

Aussie Power Tech Lithium Ion Batteries Have The Longest Lifespan In The Industry

Lithium Ion Energy Storage Are The Perfect Solution for Solar Power In Residential Areas

Lithium ion batteries are light weight batteries that can both release and store energy by moving electrons along their length.

Affordable, easy to install, compact with an 8 year lifespan - Aussie Power Tech's Lithium Ion Batteries are the perfect way to store excess power in homes.

  • Superior size and weight compared with other batteries
  • Fast and efficient charging
  • Resilient to hot temperatures
  • Zero maintenance
  • 10,000+ safe cycles
  • Available as a stand alone battery, or part of a complete Ampetus system


  • Cutting edge technology has designed the most efficient batteries
  • Each battery delivers more than 10,000 complete cycles (charge/discharge)
  • Batteries can be chained together to scale up to any size
  • SAFEST possible lithium chemistry and technology
  • Temperature range – 20°C to +55°C

Lithium ion batteries are emerging as the most effective and efficient way to store solar power in the home. The batteries are perfectly designed for domestic used, with minimal installation and maintenance costs.

Powering Homes With Safe Affordable Lithium Ion Batteries

Aussie Power Tech's batteries are not only rechargeable, highly specific and efficient. But their real value lies in their reliability and adaptability with them being designed to suit a vast range of consumer needs.


  • 100% green energy 24/7 is an affordable reality with Aussie Power Technologies
  • Retro fit on existing wind farms and photovoltaic arrays for base load power production
  • Full integration of Aussie Power Technology for new Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Arrays
  • Aussie Power Tech fully integrates technology for complete grid stability
  • End to end installation and set up with current infrastructure  

Utility Scale Energy Storage To Increase Reliability Of Grids

For Distribution And Transmission Of Power Across An Entire Grid, Aussie Power Technology Are Your Specialist Team

Research & Development That Is Advancing Energy Storage Industry Technologies

Our team of experts is working on developing the new wave of energy storage production technology. We are dedicated to working towards innovation and creating products that will make long lasting  impact.

Hydrogen fuel cells convert chemical potential energy into electrical energy, without producing many of the harmful by-products that traditional energy production plants create.

They can be used to support solar powered electricity production or to entirely replace grid electricity, providing a cleaner and more efficient result.

Research is now being done into creating man-made diamonds from Carbon-14, that when placed into a radioactive field is able to produce an energy source. 

This exciting development will not only allow safe storage of radioactive waste, but also create an incredible long acting battery.

Thermal batteries are quickly becoming one of the most efficient and easy ways to store energy for times with demand is high, and supply is low, particularly with renewable energy source production. 

The research in this area is becoming increasingly promising, with the batteries being incredibly reliable and powerful.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Thermal Battery

Diamond and Carbon Storage

A Team of Experts Offering End To End Solution

More than just a component supplier, we guarantee our products and partner with you from production & assembly until the end of the project life cycle. 

O&M Support For The Whole Lifespan

Project Development

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest possible results through continued commitment to the development of our products throughout construction; from concept to launch. 

We come to you- where ever you are, whenever you need. We not only manufacture and transport components, but we provide installation support for all of our products- anywhere in the world.

All of our products come with an ironclad lifetime guarantee as well as operation and management life long support.

PPA Negotiations

Aussie Power Technology use cutting edge technology to develop the most sound quality products. We pride ourselves on perfecting each and every stage of manufacturing our batteries.

We are involved at all levels throughout the entire negotiation process of a domestic or commercial operation. 

We efficiently and effectively manage the needs of the buyer, seller and any financial counter-parties involved.

Battery Installation


Not only are our products designed to be highly efficient at the lowest possible cost, but we also provide fundraising support for our customers renewable projects.

Battery Manufacture

"Our mission is to help drive society towards a cleaner and greener future and end our reliance on fossil fuels. We believe this will be driven by socially responsible businesses who commercialise advanced renewable technologies."

Aussie Power Technologies - Mission Statement

Our current products have 10 years and millions of R&D behind them, and we intend on developing them further for more efficiency and lower costs.

More than just a product supplier, we guarantee our technology and partner with you from project inception to production & assembly and right until project completion

Why Choose Aussie Power Technologies?


We help you in every area, from acquiring funding, to planning out your project, to installation and maintenance for the lifetime of the system. Our team will be with you every step.

We help you acquire funding, have global manufacturing capabilities and can mobilise almost anywhere in the world.

Fast, End To End Setup, Turn Key Operation & Lifetime Support

Whatever the solution you need, we will customise each part of our technology to suit your requirements.

Build from scratch or integrate into your existing  facility.


Global Manufacturing & Fund Raising Capabilities

Research and Development Partners And A Dedicated Team Of Experts



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